Custom Tablet 3853158 Li-Polymer battery with PCB 3.7V 8000mAh


Customized Li-Polymer tablet batteries with PCB and connectors



Cell model:3853158

Working current:3A

Max charging current:4A to 6A

Max Voltage:4.2V

Max discharge voltage:2.7V


In order to ensure the battery to maintain capacity level, it is recommended that the battery and battery pack in -20 ~ 35 ℃, low humidity, non-corrosive gas storage conditions

The battery should be stored at high temperature or high humidity, otherwise it will cause the battery to leak, rust, and low capacity.

Long term storage will result in reduced battery and battery capacity and require 1-3 charge / discharge cycles to achieve maximum discharge capacity.

The battery needs to be cycled once every three months after the battery is placed.