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Is there a memory effect on the Bluetooth sports headset battery currently on the market? Views [0] Published: 2018-07-19 11:32:41

In today's era, people are paying more and more attention to their own bodies, and often take time to exercise. However, the convenience of Bluetooth sports headphones attracts a lot of consumers, but consumers will worry about Bluetooth headsets when they purchase Bluetooth sports headphones. Performance, especially whether the Bluetooth sports headset battery has a memory effect.

At present, most of the Bluetooth sports earphone batteries on the market are polymer lithium batteries. However, there is no memory effect. The so-called memory effect means that the battery is not fully discharged and charged, so that it cannot be re-discharged. Release all the power. The memory effect reduces the discharge capacity. In order to eliminate the memory effect of the battery, it must be completely discharged and recharged before charging. The memory effect of the battery brings inconvenience to the rapid charging of the battery. The capacity can be recovered by charging a large current after deep discharge.

Both lithium ion and polymer lithium batteries have no memory effect. Therefore, the Bluetooth sports headset battery does not have a memory effect.