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What does the strong light flashlight battery 18650 mean? Views [0] Published: 2018-05-08 10:40:51

Go out to travel, especially to climb camping. The bright light flashlight is your necessary equipment. What does the bright light flashlight battery 18650 mean? What are the advantages of the bright light flashlight?

The 18650 means 18 mm in diameter and 650 mm in length. The Model 5 battery is 14500, 14 mm in diameter and 500 mm in length. The 18650 battery is generally used in the industry, and is rarely used by civilians. Commonly used batteries are used in laptop batteries, high-end flashlights, and various electronic devices. 18650 is only the size of the battery model, according to the type of battery can be divided into 18650 lithium ion, 18650 lithium iron phosphate, nickel-hydrogen 18650 (rare), the current common 18650 is lithium ion.

We all know that the 18650 lithium battery and the 5th battery are cylindrical batteries, and the two batteries are essentially different in capacity and material. The

From the appearance analysis: These two kinds of batteries all belong to the cylindrical battery, but the appearance specification is not the same. The 18650 lithium battery has a diameter of 18 mm and a length of 65 mm. The 5th battery (actually, the 5500 battery is a 14500 battery) has a diameter of 14 mm and a length of 50 mm.

Of course, the use of 18650 batteries in bright flashlights is increasing. The 18650 lithium battery has always been recognized by users because of its good user experience. The 5th battery is generally used in flashlights. It is generally removable. Convenient, but the use of time is shorter than the 18650 lithium battery, of course, the premise is the battery capacity.

What are the advantages of flashlights?

1. Environmental protection lamps to protect the earth - Traditional fluorescent lamps contain large amounts of mercury vapor, which can evaporate into the atmosphere if broken mercury vapors. However, the excellent led led flashlights do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, which protects the environment. Service led led flashlight is recognized as the 21st century green lighting.

2, efficient conversion, reduce heat - traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat, and LED lamps are all converted to light energy, will not cause energy waste. And for documents, clothes will not fade.

3, quiet and comfortable, there is no noise - good led led flashlight will not produce noise, for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the occasion is a good choice. Suitable for libraries, offices and the like.

4, soft light, protect the eyes - the traditional fluorescent lamp uses AC, so every second will produce 100-120 strobe. Led light flashlight is the direct conversion of alternating current to direct current, no flicker, eye protection.

5, no ultraviolet light, no mosquitoes - good led led flashlight will not produce ultraviolet light, so it will not be like traditional lamps, there are many mosquitoes around the light source. The interior will be cleaner and tidy.

6, the voltage is adjustable 80V-245V - the traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, when the voltage decreases can not be lit. The led flashlight can light up within a certain range of voltage, but also adjust the brightness.

7, to save energy, longer life - Power led led flashlight power consumption is less than one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamps, life is 1000 times the traditional fluorescent lamp, can be long-term use without replacement, reduce labor costs. More suitable for difficult to replace occasions.

8, strong and reliable, long-term use - good Led bright light flashlight body itself is the use of epoxy instead of traditional glass, more solid and reliable, even if the LED is not easily damaged on the floor, you can rest assured that use.

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