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Battery cells classification and correctly use for power banks Views [0] Published: 2018-04-17 09:45:46

Power banks is a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions. It can charge digital devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers anytime and anywhere. Generally made of 18650 lithium batteries and polymer batteries, easy to carry and use.

18650 cells:

18650 refers to the battery diameter is 18mm, the length is 65mm, the cylinder type battery, like the international big factory Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and so on all produce 18650 batteries. There are also many domestic manufacturers in the production and sale of 18650 batteries. Due to cost reasons, if the customer does not specify the cell requirements, most of the power banks use of domestic 18650 batteries.

18650 capacity, the most common are the 2200mAh, 2400mAh and 2600mAh . The imported 18650 can achieve a maximum single-block capacity of 3400mAh. The use of mobile power 18650 batteries, basically the above specifications in parallel implementation. The 18650 is generally packaged in a cylindrical steel shell with internal lithium ions in a liquid state. Because it is already an industry standard specification, the 18650 can only be cylindrical. If everyone buys a mobile power supply and sees a thick and large shape, it is basically OK to use the 18650 battery.

Some unscrupulous merchants used power quality 18650 batteries in order to reduce costs and fight low prices.Power banks is a product that users carry with them. If the quality is not poor, it is like taking a time bomb to go everywhere, so don’t just pursue the cheapest.

Li-Polymer cells:

Li-Polymer cells are generally made of lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, and ternary lithium. The outer packaging is mainly made of aluminum plastic film. The middle lithium material is paste, so the shape can be customized, such as 0.25mm. Ultra-thin batteries, so the mobile power of polymer batteries, in the appearance of the design can be more flexible. For example, some ultra-thin mobile power supplies on the market and iPhone 4 mobile phone clips use polymer batteries.

The polymer battery has a flexible package and does not have the same size as the 18650. Its capacity directly depends on the size of the battery, and it also depends on the raw materials used. Most of high-quantity brand power banks sellers use Li-polymer cells.

Terms and Conditions

1. The output voltage range of mobile power supply. Although some devices have a USB interface, you also need to use a mobile power supply. However, you should pay attention to the input voltage range of your device. The universal mobile power supply has a voltage output range of 5.0±0.5v. If your device requires an input voltage range that is not within the range of the mobile power supply, it is recommended that you do not use a mobile power supply to power your device to ensure the life of your mobile power supply.

2. The USB connector must be matched because the devices corresponding to various USB data lines are different. Therefore, in order to use your mobile power supply to power your device normally, use a matching USB data interface.

3. Mobile power placement environment, all types of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, low air humidity environment, and high humidity environment for all types of electrical appliances are stored are unfavorable, so for your mobile power use Lifetime, please try to place the mobile power supply in a dry environment.

4.Often use your mobile power, every month, charging and discharging the mobile power, often use. Can maximize the life of mobile power.

5.Drop shock. Mobile power is actually a fragile component, and internal components can't afford to beat. In particular, prevent accidental landing during use. Do not throw, beat or shake the mobile power. Rough handling of mobile power can destroy internal circuit boards.

6. Cold and heat. Do not place the power bank in an area where the temperature is too high. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy mobile power sources, and deform or melt some plastic parts. Do not store the mobile power in too cold places. When the mobile power supply operates in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will form in the mobile power supply and damage the circuit board.

7.Anti-strong chemical products. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the mobile power. Remove the appearance of mobile power stains can be scrubbed with a small amount of alcohol-free alcohol.

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