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The features for mobile phone wireless chargers Views [0] Published: 2018-04-02 17:49:59

Wireless charger refers to the charger that does not use the traditional charging power cable to connect to the terminal device that needs to be charged. It uses the latest wireless charging technology. By using the magnetic field generated between the coils, the magical transmission of energy, inductive coupling technology will Become a bridge connecting charging base stations and equipment.

Main feature:

Theoretically speaking, wireless charging technology is not harmful to human body safety. The principle of resonance used in wireless charging is magnetic resonance, which is only transmitted between coils that resonate at the same frequency, while other devices cannot receive bands. In addition, wireless charging technology is used. The magnetic field itself is harmless to the human body.

Wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electrical energy between the charger and the device in the electric and magnetic fields. The coil and capacitor form resonances between the charger and the device.

This system can be widely used in the future, such as the charging area for electric vehicles and the power transmission to computer chips. The charging system developed using this technology requires only one-hundred and one-fifth of the current charging time.

The conversion rate has always been a concern for many people. MIT's research shows that wireless charging technology is more expensive than wired charging technology.

The core chip is one of the difficulties in the application of wireless charging technology.

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