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New iPhone X, X Plus exposure: new battery life soared Views [0] Published: 2018-03-06 14:44:14

This year's new iPhone is particularly exciting, although last year, but also three, but they are all derivatives of the iPhone X, big screen, cheap you can find a suitable for themselves, but this year must also be the focus of new Apple outbreak One year

Industry chain has repeatedly broke the news that this year's iPhone X will have three, one of the regular updates of the iPhone X, and the other two are the iPhone X's big screen and cheap version, which is the biggest surprise this year.

Cheap version of the iPhone X, is said to be equipped with a 6.01-inch LCD screen, but also a full screen + face recognition, the back of the metal material and a single camera, the price of 6,000 yuan.

Now, the information given by the Korean industrial chain, this year's iPhone X will use a larger L-shaped battery, but mainly for iPhone X Plus, which is equipped with a 6.5-inch full screen, but the body size with iPhone 8 Plus quite large L-shaped battery means more capacity, is said to be 3500mAh or so, if that is the case, then select this version of the user, at least not so dependent on the treasure.

In addition, the iPhone X 5.8-inch battery capacity will be improved, but especially obvious, but also slightly better life than the previous generation, of course, wait for iPhone X Plus users have to be prepared, the price Not too cheap, top with breaking no suspense.

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