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Apple company may buy battery raw materials"Cobalt“ directly from the mining companies. Views [0] Published: 2018-02-26 10:13:45

According to foreign media reports, in order to ensure future supply worry-free, Apple is planning to long-term purchase of cobalt, an important battery material, directly from the mining companies.

Apple expects to ensure that its iPhone, iPad and other products will have sufficient cobalt supplies. At present, more than half of the world's cobalt production is used to manufacture lithium-cobalt batteries, which are the main power sources for portable electronic devices such as smartphones. Although the battery for smart phones is small, the number is huge. The demand for lithium-cobalt batteries for mobile phones is expected to maintain above 10% in the coming years.

Unlike lithium, cobalt is currently not widely used to make power batteries for EVs and NEVs. However, it is worth noting that in recent years, many countries began to propose to vigorously upgrade the quality of power batteries for new energy vehicles and improve the energy efficiency of power batteries, which will open up new application areas and markets for lithium-cobalt batteries. This also led the market to worry that the booming development of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles could trigger a shortage of cobalt.

Apple, one of the world's largest end-users of cobalt, has so far left Apple's procurement of cobalt to its battery makers. However, according to informed sources, Apple is seeking to lock thousands of tons of supply contracts each year, the contract period of 5 years or longer.