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Four ways to solve the phone battery not durable Views [0] Published: 2017-11-06 10:19:02

Have you encountered this situation? After a period of use of the phone, you found that the battery is not durable, and it does not last for a long time after it is fully charged.Many people's mobile phones will be promptly charged when the charge is less than 20%, and less than 10% Charge immediately, otherwise the power will be exhausted soon.

I believe many people have heard of "not fully charged unplug the power supply will damage the power supply life," saying, this statement sounds reasonable, then it is really correct? What to do to extend the battery life cycle?

Why the more battery is not durable?

Cell phone battery life and the type of battery and the number of charging related to battery energy into chemical energy, and then from chemical energy to electricity reversible reaction is limited.

More to the end of the battery, each reversible reaction time will be longer, longer charging time, the battery will be more and more not durable.

How to extend the battery life cycle?

The use of different batteries are not the same, and now more are used in electronic products is lithium batteries, and everyone in the use of lithium batteries, it is best not to run out of battery power recharge, because it will make the battery chemical activity Fall, shorten the battery life, the first impulse time is best not to exceed 12 hours, otherwise adverse to the phone.

So in the normal use of electronic products, the general should have more than 30% of the electronic products when the charge, which is a more effective way to extend the battery life cycle.

1, the correct charge

The number of charging and battery life are closely related, you can use some of the auxiliary software to manage the battery or with multiple micro-charge to extend battery life.

2, try to use the original charger and data cable

Or use the original charger and data cable in the output power to match the charging device.

3, to avoid the battery temperature is too high

When the phone body overheating, whether or not to use, whether you have not used the phone, the battery will rapidly loss. At 0 ° Celsius, lithium batteries lose an average of 6% of their maximum charge per year. So do not overheat your phone.

4, background process clean up

Regularly clean up their own cell phone background procedures to avoid unnecessary mobile phone background power consumption.