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The development of new energy vehicles depends on how far the battery can go Views [0] Published: 2017-09-29 00:00:00

Power battery is the key to the development of new energy automotive industry. At present, China's power battery industry scale and shipments to maintain the global leader; the same time, power battery technology and cost reduction to enhance the vehicle performance and product competitiveness; In addition, the power battery industry ecology is towards healthy development, is gradually building International competitive advantage.

It is understood that in 2016 China's power battery output value of 64.5 billion yuan, the first time more than the traditional digital lithium battery size, lithium battery consumption structure to become the largest area.

China's power battery in the industrial structure, manufacturing processes, technological innovation and other aspects there are still many problems, but also facing the international vehicle and power battery technology to enhance the rapid pressure, making China's power battery industry and the development of new energy vehicles leading position face the challenge.

Chinese Academy of Engineering, former vice president, National Manufacturing Innovation Center expert group leader Gan Yong has said in an interview, in the development of power batteries, China and Japan, South Korea compared to life and lower than the energy of 30% 40%, there are gaps in reliability, battery manufacturing costs are high. Among them, the energy gap between the impact of the weight of electric vehicles, a direct impact on the promotion of electric vehicles.

According to the Institute of high-performance research Institute of lithium, with the introduction of a new round of promotional policies, as well as the future production of lithium battery technology to enhance the cost of the impact of the next five years for new energy vehicles, the demand for power batteries will grow rapidly, 2016 China's automotive power battery production is 30.8GWh, China's automobile power lithium battery production in 2020 is expected to reach 141GWh.