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Apple iPhone8 / iPhoneX electricity performance evaluation: a new generation of mobile phone battery and features Secret Views [0] Published: 2017-09-16 09:43:08

Since September 13, Apple released the iPhone 8, iPhone8 Plus, iPhoneX, causing global attention. Which is the most talk about the Apple cell phone battery problems. The Apple iPhoneX using dual battery and iPhone8 / X all the Department of wireless charging.

Battery capacity is reduced

It is understood that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus battery, one is 1821mAh, one is 2675mAh, with the iPhone 7 (1960mAh) and 7 Plus (2900mAh) compared to the battery capacity is reduced, continue to compare the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus battery, respectively, respectively Is 1715mAh and 2750mAh. That is Apple's new generation of mobile phones than the 7 series of mobile phone battery capacity is lower, bought the iPhone8, go out with a portable treasure is necessary.

Double battery

The biggest highlight of the new mobile phone Apple iPhoneX is a dual battery, in addition to two motherboards, the new iPhoneX is also the first time with two batteries. "Battery A" and "Battery B" are large and small "L" shape. This is called "Substrate-likePCB / SLP" technology, both "stacked class board", this technology can stack up to dozens of layers so that the size of the motherboard, the more space to the battery, so there are more internal More space to the "battery B", and A, B two batteries is used in series link.

But embarrassing is that the final iPhoneX two batteries add up to the capacity of 2700mAh, although 4.7mAh higher than the 4.77h iPhone7H higher, but compared to the previous generation iPhone7Plus 2900mAh, a full 200mAh less, so increase the area but reduced What is the role of internal design of battery capacity? Apple said the second generation performance controller and tailored battery design, so that after full battery life than the iPhone 7 can be extended up to two hours. Theoretically established, but who actually knows?

Wireless charging

Said for many years of wireless charging, and finally achieved on the iPhoneX, wireless charging is a non-contact wireless way to achieve power and power equipment between the energy transmission. At present, the existing wireless charging technology includes electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, radio wave, ultrasonic, infrared laser and electric field coupling. Wireless charging technology is the most widely used electromagnetic induction, with high conversion efficiency, short distance charging and other advantages.

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