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Some differences between batteries and battery packs Views [74] Published: 2017-07-06 10:56:55
The Custom Rechargeable battery pack is a single battery in parallel or in series or string together.

The parallel battery pack requires that the voltage of each battery be the same and the output voltage is a battery voltage that allows the battery pack to provide greater current.

The series of batteries requires that the capacity of each battery be the same, and the series of batteries can provide a greater voltage.

String and combined battery pack, can provide the corresponding requirements of high voltage and high current, generally used in the designated equipment above.

In our electronic toys, power tools, electric cars, flashlights ,Bluetooth wireless FRID products and so on are battery packs.

The difference between the monomers in the battery pack always exists and never disappears. This difference will cause the battery life to be shortened. The same current in the battery pack, the large capacity of the battery is always in the shallow shallow release, tends to capacity decay slow, extended life. And the capacity of the battery is always in the overcharge and over discharge of the state, has long been inclined to accelerate the capacity, life shortened. The longer the time, the difference between the two parameters is growing, small capacity battery failure in advance, the battery life shortened. This requires the production enterprises in the production, it must be a single battery screening, the same voltage, the same capacity selected, as far as possible to reduce this attenuation.

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