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Solar energy street lamp lithium battery fault detection Views [93] Published: 2017-07-03 15:44:41

Do you know the working principle and common fault detection of solar lithium battery?

First .After solar street lithium battery is fully charged, in accordance with the battery, current meter, resistance wire connection. 

(1) Use the multimeter to measure the voltage of each battery,record its data and record the discharge time.Adjust the resistance wire ammeter pointer in 5A

(2)Keep the current table always on the 5A in the discharge process, and measure  the battery voltage every 20 minutes , record the measured data.When a single battery voltage down to 10.5V, the discharge time should be less than 84 minutes. 

Second, the solar street lamp lithium battery internal circuit.Some battery internal circuit, the performance of the battery is voltage without current, the vehicle has electricity, the motor does not turn, if change a new battery, the vehicle is normal, it is the battery problem.

Third, the charger green light does not convert.Charging the green light when the charger does not convert, no load when the charger green light, the general situation is the battery internal water or lack of sulfuric acid caused by the battery cover open, unscrew the check valve or safety valve, to the battery Injection of appropriate amount of special replenisher (5ml ~ 8ml), charging 6-10 hours can be converted.

Four, solar street lamp lithium battery mileage

(1) check the battery is a problem, if no problem is to detect the next one.

2) the detection of vehicle no-load current and running current is too large, no-load current should not exceed 1.2 amps, running current load 500kg, speed 40km / h, flat cement or asphalt pavement should not be greater than 7.5 amps, In the case described above, replace the controller or the motor again for testing.

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