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What you should know about "Customzied batteries"? Views [233] Published: 2017-06-10 09:55:36

Are you looking for a specific battery for your own designed electronic devices? Maybe you search it on the internet and found no exsisting battery can meet your products' requirements.KNY Batteries is a good choice for you to customize the battery for you.

Custom batteries are produced according to your product’s exact specifications. Whether you require a certain shape, size or capacity, the right rechargeable lithium-ion/Lithium-Polymer batteries can be precisely customized.

If you can supply the battery design diagram to us,it will be perfect for both us to process your project more quickly.If you don't have the design drawing,then please tell us more detailed requirements of the batteries,for example:

(1)What is your application?

(2)What are the voltage,capacity you want?

(3)How much space does your system have available for battery placement?

(4)How long do you expect your system to run?

(5)Which battery charging method do you prefer?

(6)If you have used batteries in your system before, what were they?

(7)Is your application designed to be used under extreme temperatures?

(8)Do you need cables and connector for the battery?If yes,long long of the cable and which kind of connector?

Are you ready to design a custom  battery for your product?Contact us today and you will get your own battery soon.