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3.7V and 3.8V batteries,do you know the differences? Views [244] Published: 2017-06-03 11:37:25

Nowadays,more and more mobile phone batteries are produced 3.8V even 3.85V instead of 3.7V batteries.Do you know their differences?

Mobile phones have become one of essential part for our life,from Children to old people especially for young people.People always use the phones from the morning when they get up to the evening when they fall asleep.People use phones to contact other ones,to play games,to see a movie,to make payment and so on.People will hung up and worrying if they forget to bring phones or lost phones.Therefore,the frequent use of phones require the batteries produce with bigger and higher and higher capacities.

(1)3.8V / 3.85V batteries capacities usually higher than 3.7V batteries,especially for 3.8V Lithium-Polymer.

(2)Cut off voltage for 3.8V batteries need 4.35V ,and cut off voltage for 3.7V batteries only need 4.2V

(3)If your battery is 3.8V,you can use 3.7V charger to charge but capacity will only about 80% of real capacity.If you battery is 3.7V,don't use 3.8V charger to charge.