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Why the same capacity power banks with big different prices? Views [187] Published: 2017-05-08 10:28:06

Power banks become more and more popular around the world because most of Mobile phones have been produced with Non-removable Lithium-Polymer mobile phone batteries,so people have to always prepare a power bank to avoid mobile phone power consumption.

However,when people choosing the power bank online,they become confused because the prices for the same capacities power bank even with the same apprearence have big differences,Some prices even gap 10 times.

First reason is many power banks on the market are with fake capacities and lowe prices in order to catch customers' eyes.For Example,a power bank state 10000mAh maybe only have 5000mAh.

Second reason is even the same power banks use the same cell quantities,the quality of cells are difference which also cause power banks prices differenct.

Third reason is the same capacity's power banks have different functions.

The forth reason is usually portable Lithium-Polymer power bank chargers are more expensive than Li-ion power banks.