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The difference between Lithium-Ion and Nicad cordless power tool batteries Views [161] Published: 2017-05-06 10:45:16

Nowadays,most of cordless power tool batteries have Lithium-ion cell version to be choose,because nickel-cadmium batteries  are heavy  and with Short use time.Rechargeable lithium-ion power tool batteries are Lighter ,sleek, longer lasting.But Li-ion batteries are more expensive than Nicd batteries ,that’s why manufacturers still make the old NiCad tools.

If you're not too handy and plan on only using your power tools for the occasional shelf hanging or plywood cutting, you'll be just fine with NiCad batteries. And if  you plan to spend every weekend this spring building that climate-controlled comic-book library, you're going to want to go Li-ion. The batteries charge in as little as 30 minutes, they last longer, and they weigh less. Which means your arms won't get tired as quickly. You can even choose between regular slim packs and longer-life fatties.