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How to take care of your built-in Li-Polymer laptop batteries? Views [162] Published: 2017-04-27 10:14:41

Nowadays, More and more laptops are designed with Built-in laptop batteries,for example,almost all the laptop batteries for Apple are Portable Lithium-Polymer laptop batteries. In some respects, this is a good thing because these laptops are slimmer and sleeker than ever before, and with low-power processors and fanless designs, their battery life actually far outstrips that of their bulkier counterparts. But it also give the laptop a limited lifespan, with the prospect that the battery dies when the rest of the hardware is still going strong. So what precautions should you take care to ensure your non-removable laptop battery last for as long as possible?

Firstly, Watch The Heat. One of the main factors that affects the life of a laptop battery is temperature. Cold temperatures can be an issue if you live in a cold climate, but high temperatures are a bigger concern.

Secondly, Charge And Discharge.Modern power management circuitry will prevent "over-charging" the battery, even if you leave it charging 24/7. What is detrimental to the battery is charging it to 100%, letting it drain completely or near completely, then recharging it to 100% repeatedly. This puts a lot of wear on the cells.

Try to keep the battery charge between 20% to 80%, while only doing a FULL charge  and discharge cycle once in a great while. This will preserve the overall longevity of the battery's ability to hold a charge. Also, the cooler you can keep the laptop, the better for the Sealed-in laptop battery as well.