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What is rechargeable Battery packs? Views [305] Published: 2017-04-22 10:25:23

The Lithium-ion Battery Pack is a set of any number of (preferably) identical batteries or individual battery cells. They may be configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to deliver the desired voltage, capacity, or power density.

When a pack contains groups of cells in parallel there are differing wiring configurations which take into consideration the electricalbalance of the circuitBattery regulators are sometimes used to keep the voltage of each individual cell below its maximum value during charging so as to allow the weaker batteries to become fully charged, bringing the whole pack back into balance. Active balancing can also be performed by battery balancer devices which can shuttle energy from strong cells to weaker ones in real time for better balance. A well-balanced pack lasts longer and delivers better performance.

The rechargeable  battery pack is often used for the charging of a lot kinds of electronic equipments/devices such as  RC hobby toys ,electric vehicles,GPS,medical equipments,PSP and Custom equipments.